Sunday, December 11, 2005

brief update . . . more to come

We are finally getting a bit settled. I haven't been spending much time at the computer but thought I should take a couple of minutes to update my blog. I have some pictures to share but that will have to wait for another time.

The weather here in central California is significantly different than that in NE Florida. It gets colder here, though still no snow. Pepsi is much more prevalent here than Coke (which for me is a big deal!!). Mark can't get hot tea from the fast food breakfast places (they looked at me like I was speaking German when I asked). There are a million Mexican restaurants but we have yet to find a wing place. Mark is starting to get desperate enough to go to Fresno for wings (about 30 miles away).

The girls are doing pretty well. They are eagerly awaiting the delivery of their bunk bed. For now they are both on mattresses on the floor. Mark and I are in the same boat as the place were we got our bed from had the mattress in stock but not the box spring. It has been a little over a week now since we ordered the beds -- hopefully they will be in soon.

We did get the Christmas tree up and decorated. We also put up the outside Christmas lights. We haven't gotten all the boxes empty yet but in an attempt to help the girls feel at home we decided to go ahead and decorate anyway. We also took a day trip to the Seqouia National Park yesterday. The girls weren't all that impressed with the big trees but it was good to get away from the boxes for awhile. The views were amazing, especially the sunset over the mountains.